After learning a certain amount about the lore of Skyrim (specifically the Great War) and playing the Civil War quests, then hearing General Tullius, and then Ulfric, drop what I interpreted as major hints from the developers, the fact that there was never a Second Great War questline bothers me. It seems to me to be the elephant in the room. So much of what is going on in Skyrim-quests, miscellaneous and scripted dialog, random encounters with Thalmor Justiciars, Heimskr screaming his lungs out 24/7 about Talos in the middle of the Wind District of Whiterun-revolves around the actions of the Third Almeri Dominion and the terms of the White-Gold Concordat that it seems like the quesline's absence leaves a gaping void in the game.

   Am I the only person who considers this to be a missed opportunity for Bethesda? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.