• UndeadKing996

    My Character

    April 6, 2013 by UndeadKing996

    I thought I would do a blog telling the story of my character, so here it is.

    Name: Lord Thanatos

    Race: Nord

    Class: Archer

    Age: Permanently 26

       Long ago, in the early 3rd Era, there was a Soldier by the name of Thanatos. Thanatos was born to a Mortal Nord mother and father. However, he was special. He was not like the other nords. He had odd abilities, known only to those who he fought alongside. One day, a dragon breached the shield spell that surrounded the Emperor's palace. The soldiers fought him and killed him, however when he died something very strange happened. His scales started to burn, the fires rose to the heavens, and all around stood and watched in awe, as this enourmous beast burned where it lay. An odd energy came from this, n…

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