I thought I would do a blog telling the story of my character, so here it is.

Name: Lord Thanatos

Race: Nord

Class: Archer

Age: Permanently 26

   Long ago, in the early 3rd Era, there was a Soldier by the name of Thanatos. Thanatos was born to a Mortal Nord mother and father. However, he was special. He was not like the other nords. He had odd abilities, known only to those who he fought alongside. One day, a dragon breached the shield spell that surrounded the Emperor's palace. The soldiers fought him and killed him, however when he died something very strange happened. His scales started to burn, the fires rose to the heavens, and all around stood and watched in awe, as this enourmous beast burned where it lay. An odd energy came from this, now skeleton, and was absorbed into the body of none other than Thanatos. This is when he learned, that he was....... Dragonborn! The Emperor caught word of this and quickly remove him from his army. "A person this powerful deserves a position of authority," said the Emperor. He assigned Thanatos to be Jarl of the Rift. Thanatos was a Captain in the Emperor's army, but this type of authority was different. Thanatos knew how he would lead. Thanatos was a thief before he was a soldier, so the town turned into a town for thieves and others of the sort. Most people didn't like this, but Thanatos led how he pleased. One night, Thanatos was out for a walk at night, outside of the city's walls, when he heard a rustling in the leaves. Quickly he turned and drew his bow. An Arrow ready to fire, he searched for what could have made the sound. All of a sudden, he heard a something rushing behind him, then felt two sharp objects dig into his neck. He fell to the ground and felt nothing for awhile. He turned to see a vampire running away. He jumped to his feet, and drew his bow, notched an arrow, and shot the vampire in the back of the head. He stopped, then fell to his face. Thanatos slowly approached him, and searched his body. On the corpse he found a note that read "I will turn the Jarl of the Rift Lord Thanatos. He will become a vampire by my hand, and will have no choice but to resign from his throne. Clan Volkihar will rise again!" Thanatos returned to his palace to fetch a few of his belongings then left. By sunrise the next morning, Thanatos was nowhere to be found. He returned to Riften sometime later, and joined the Thieves Guild, of which he is now Guildmaster. He became the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, and uses his master Archery skills, to kill anything that stands in his way. He has learned how to control his voice, and has learned many deadly shouts, and is known across the land, as a man who you avoid all costs.

That's my characters bio, hope you guys like it.