Trying to find out more about lichdom/necromancy/vampirism/zombies/strigoi/etcetera.

What I do know thus far-


2)vomit out shards of tissue/heart

3)something about spines

4)lots of blood

5)black magick


7)no master/spawn system

8)sensitivity to sunlight/sun poisoning

9)no inherent changes to fortitude

10)lineage traced back to cain

11)sensitivity to psionics (specifically, draconian beings that live underneath the Earth's crust. 7 foot tall bipedal humanoid draconic beings with tails)

12)ability to rip souls out of mortal vessels

13)illuminati, derp. "teach people concepts which we know to be false"

14)indirect methods of "feeding" e.g. consuming alchemized beings. creation of a philosopher's stone. made own stone inside of body. infernal nature. 1st "discharge" was the "red stone", a red jellylike substance. rubbed on forehead (3rd eye?). 2nd was "white stone". did the same. does not convert lead into gold, is seen as an elixir of life. have seen the creation of homunculi and chimera, relinquished that for completing things on a grander scale.

15)patrons include Molech, Lucifer, Abaddon 


too much to list. take with grain of salt. do not dabble in demonics unless you feel like becoming a heartless thrall to a powerful alien entity. anyone with any useful information please feel free to comment.
Wu tang