Hey Guys, first blog here.

When I smithed both my imperial armor and dawnguard armor to legendary I decided to compare the armor ratings, expecting the dawnguard armor to be og higher rating. I was wrong, the imperial armor(heavy) has at least 100 higher than the dawnguard. Even though I was slightly happy with it, even though I am slightly biased toward the liking of the Roman Empire and The Mede Empire I am annoyed at this fact. The Dawnguard armor looks cooler and after doing some reasearch, a higher base rating than the imperial armor. I do have matching set perk by the way. Now, another thing gets me. When I equip my imperial armor I see that the dawnguard armor increases its rating with each imperial armor piece I equip, creating an illusion that the dawnguard armor is WAY better than the imperial. It seems like it has almost double the rating of the imperial armor. When I then equip the dawnguard armor, its rating decreases. i dunno, im just annoyed by that. I guess I wanna wear armor that looks cool but at the same time be affective when I fight. Is it because the Imperial Armor is better in general?