Please check out my Skyrim Fan-fiction series: Out of Place If you have a deviantART account, it's located here: Click Me. This fan-fiction is intented to read like a real novel, but from the perspective of a woman from our world who was transported magically to Nirn, and specifically, the province of Skyrim.

Just a disclaimer: I won't be doing any pairings/shippings. If characters are naturally together, I'll keep that in. The main character may have a few relationships, potential ones, and even some flirting, but I am striving to keep it as close to real life. Instead of the typical "thing" a female would do, where it's too focused on romance, I want a more well-rounded story.

I try to be historically accurate as well as game accurate. I try to pull what I find from the game. The wikis I use are more of a "last" source, for things like the calendar and ensuring holidays are on track. I even research the food! I found some great medieval recipes. I will actually try to post easy mead recipes for you medieval drink lovers out there, including non-alcoholic versions.

Some of my favorite book series' are Dragon Lance, from Chronicles to Dark Disciple, books by David Eddings, Ed Greenwood, Terry Brooks, Kristen Britain, and Patrick Rothfuss. My goal is to give the feel of stories like theirs, but with Skyrim. Now, I know I'm not a polished writer, but I'm using this fan fiction to help me progress.

I'm even getting into some newer authors, literally debuting indie authors who I feel fit within these greats. So far I enjoy Brian Beam's Kindle book, The Dragon Gem, and Nancy Lee Parish's book, The Amulet. Both are creating a series of books, so check them out! Both are on Amazon. Nancy has the paperpack, but Brian Beam is a debuting author who's testing the waters. A second book is in the works, and I may be doing the cover!

Anyway, I hope you all will check out the story. I'm busy, but my goal is to post one or two chapters a week, depending on the word count of each one. I like long chapters, but I don't like to overwhelm people, so I keep it between 3-5k for each chapter. But it isn't word count that matters; quality over quantity.