• VaughanTES

    Ever wondered?

    March 18, 2013 by VaughanTES

    Ever wondered what all of the TES themes together sound like? Well wonder no more...

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  • VaughanTES

    Dear All PS3 Players...

    January 3, 2013 by VaughanTES

    To all my dear friends on ps3, i promise you, it's worth the wait. You might all be considering suicide by now, but when you get Dragonborn fairly soon you will be so overjoyed. Having played Skyrim on all 3 platforms, Ps3 seems the least buggiest and besides, xbox gets the crappy version and you get the one with no bugs! So I just say, chill, relax because when it comes... You will be in awe.

    - VaughanTES

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    The Dreugh. Originally, we saw them as water-based pests in Morrowind. In Oblivion they became land-dwelling nuisances. Now, we get to enjoy the irritation with our friends in The Elder Scrolls: Online!

    The Dreugh are remnants of what was once supposedly a great civilisation in what we would call Iliac Bay. They have the appearance of a large crustacean and arachnid mix, with Land Dreugh having six moveable limbs. Of these limbs they walk on 4. They are also renowned scavengers and use there pincers to attack. In Morrowind, as mentioned per above, they were water-based creatures but as we progressed to Oblivion we saw a land variant of this also. Some believe them to be descendants of the spider daedra however it is heavily implied that the Dre…

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    Character Names!

    December 6, 2012 by VaughanTES

    So, after spending time on the tamriel rebuilt name generator... I decided some of the names were absolute rubbish. Some of them, however are good. But i think i've came up with a better list, sooooo enjoy! (Also if you have any names to add to the list don't be afraid to comment and i'll add them!)

    • Renjolf
    • Kel
    • Enton
    • Wulf
    • Hannor
    • Grinthorn
    • Alen
    • Lothorn
    • Logrun
    • Hsaarik

    • Kaera
    • Elaesa
    • Thalera
    • Viada
    • Tezia
    • Halera
    • Frelia
    • Daria
    • Ceria
    • Nenli

    • Azzuray
    • Cleric
    • Velador
    • Hahlian
    • Ementael
    • Henin
    • Ristormo
    • Xezian
    • Olmore
    • Eldintan

    • Haedi
    • Aressia
    • Viata
    • Lexia
    • Viatren
    • Telatria
    • Kephi
    • Jema
    • Brellia
    • Ledi

    • Sceptre
    • Thilim Ei
    • Veto Jei
    • Tevi
    • Milin Aij
    • Zezelian
    • Ai Zelon
    • Vinm Ei
    • Nelem
    • Krisin Oeh

    • Eti Ei
    • Zelina
    • Fote Ei
    • Anmada
    • Xisi
    • Col Zei
    • Vevna
    • Lezela Vi
    • B' Krei
    • Chola

    • Alonze Veletri
    • Cregh (Forsworn Name)
    • Righn (Forsworn Name)
    • Sirius Dimeta
    • Alto …

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  • VaughanTES

    Before reading this blog take a look at the previous blog post this follows on from: The Second Great War?!

    Discussed in the comments of last time were mainly the states that were to be considered 'Neutral' these three neutral states were Hammerfell, Black Marsh & Morrowind. Considering that the Argonians had openly took Morrowind after the eruption of red mountain, it can be presumed that they will buddy up. It is likely, due to the Imperial Influence previously within Morrowind & Argonia, that they will join up with the Empire once again. It can also be added that Hammerfell once had strong links to the Empire and dispise the Thalmor and all they stand for. Considering the invasions made by the Altmer, it can be guessed they will either s…

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