The Dreugh. Originally, we saw them as water-based pests in Morrowind. In Oblivion they became land-dwelling nuisances. Now, we get to enjoy the irritation with our friends in The Elder Scrolls: Online!

A Little Bit Of History...

The Dreugh are remnants of what was once supposedly a great civilisation in what we would call Iliac Bay. They have the appearance of a large crustacean and arachnid mix, with Land Dreugh having six moveable limbs. Of these limbs they walk on 4. They are also renowned scavengers and use there pincers to attack. In Morrowind, as mentioned per above, they were water-based creatures but as we progressed to Oblivion we saw a land variant of this also. Some believe them to be descendants of the spider daedra however it is heavily implied that the Dreugh split into various some time after the end of there civilisation.

Dreugh In Online

In The Elder Scrolls: Online, they are shown to have faces that only a mother could love! But it seems now that we will be able to fight these old enemies once more. Considering that Online is set sometime before even Morrowind, it should be interesting to see the interpretation of the Dreugh in this time. Please enjoy a short video that shows the Dreugh in Online.

Creating Elder Scrolls Online - The Dreugh00:36

Creating Elder Scrolls Online - The Dreugh

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