So you're probably wondering...

The Khajiit and Bosmer are the only two unmarriable races in Skyrim. My question is, was this intentional? Will there be a DLC in the future that depends on this? This blog is going to attempt to delve to the most creative areas of my mind, in which we shall hopefully discover why Bethesda chose not to include Bosmer or Khajiit spouses.

The Possibilities

Should Bethesda choose to add a DLC with spouses of these two kinds i have found several possibilities for each race.

- Faendal

- Wylandriah

- J'zargo

- Kharjo

- Ahjisi


So i would understand if it was just something Bethesda didn't do, however i've come up with a few ways this could be important.

- There is to be a 'Create A Spouse' DLC at some point soon.

- A new storyline added by DLC will involve marrying either of these races.

- They already have plans for a new 'Hearthfire' type of DLC where you can create bigger houses, villages, etc.

Just a random thought! :)

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