The Time Has Come Upon Us, Brothers & Sisters.

So, Skyrim's rather... Interesting Civil War has left me with several questions. To begin with, how are Bethesda going to reconcile the idea that the player chooses the side, I'd imagine it'll be along the
lines of a war after this civil war. BUT more importantly, is the second great war upon us? (TES:6?). Thats a very debatable question, considering General Tullius' dialogue and also dialogue from the Thalmor, it seems the White-Gold Concordat is at breaking point, I'm personally on the side of the Empire in Skyrim, and will follow that through on the next game, but what will you choose?

But Do They Have The Men?

Im of course talking about the Empire. So, if Bethesda follow along with Ulfric winning the Civil war, that means skyrim's out. Hammerfell definiteley won't be joining their side after last time, i felt a bit sorry for the Redguards after the empire let them down. Argonia and Morrowind are united under Black Marsh's empire, it's not unlikely they will join the Empire's side, particularly with Morrowind's empire ties. The Khajiit are infatuated with the Altmer after the Void Nights, which means they'll probably lend their men to the Thalmor. As for Valenwood, it's a pretty 'go with the flow' state however Alinor seems to have control of it right now. The only definite state that'll assist the Empire is High Rock, so the Bretons and Orcs are with them. The Aldmeri Dominion seems to have the monopoly at this moment of time. If Skyrim comes under imperial control they have a better chance, and I feel a war for Morrowind is coming once more, is the Empire sustainable? Or are the Elves taking over? Only Hermaeus Mora knows. (Damn that giant squid).


The problem is, Altmer + Bosmer + Dunmer = Aldmer. If the Thalmor are hell bent on recreating their Ancestors, the legend dictates that all elven races must join together. Thankfully for the Empire, Morrowind and Alinor are on complete opposite ends of the continent. I personally believe the Dunmer will take their homeland back from Argonia, which'll mean more help for the empire.


Now, my personal belief is that the Mer will unite, attempt to take Cyrodiil, and this is where some ancient figure will reappear. But the question is, which will it be. The biggest twist of them all would be to see a Dwemer return, which has been suggested many times before for TES 6. If the Dwemer return, who knows which side they will be on. Whatever happens, it'll be interesting to see the suggested 'Second Great War' whenever it happens, in fact, if it happens!

- VaughanTES