Before reading this blog take a look at the previous blog post this follows on from: The Second Great War?!

Down To Business

Discussed in the comments of last time were mainly the states that were to be considered 'Neutral' these three neutral states were Hammerfell, Black Marsh & Morrowind. Considering that the Argonians had openly took Morrowind after the eruption of red mountain, it can be presumed that they will buddy up. It is likely, due to the Imperial Influence previously within Morrowind & Argonia, that they will join up with the Empire once again. It can also be added that Hammerfell once had strong links to the Empire and dispise the Thalmor and all they stand for. Considering the invasions made by the Altmer, it can be guessed they will either stay neutral or join up with the empire.

But more importantly... Lets talk Khajiit. Khajiit are a beastial race linked with the creation of the Bosmer, and if you didn't know that they are cats, then i strongly suggest you leave this page immediately. The Khajiit believe that the Thalmor returned the two moons, Masser & Secunda to Nirn's view. Whether this is true or not, we aren't sure. However being greatful, left the empire and signed up to the Aldmeri Dominion. Elsweyr is a prime place for the first leg of the Second Great War, as it is close to Cyrodiil and far from the Thalmor headquarters in Alinor. Khajiit & Bosmer are very uninfluential races, as they both do not hold strong political hireachy. But the fact the Thalmor managed to persuade both to hop on, is a showing that the Thalmor do hold a great amount of power.

Real Life Connections

(Note: This Paragraph Is Written From A Third Person View, And Does Not Intend To Be Biased Or Patriotic In Anyway)

Lets think about this for a second. The Second World War (In Real Life) began with the English & German forces fighting. After a few hard fought years, the English were losing, and the Germans had occupied France. After it looked like Germany was about to win the war, the Americans stepped in to assist the British and fought the Germans back, effectively making them lose the war. Then the treaty of versailles was signed, etc.

Can't see what I'm getting at?

English = Empire

Germans = Thalmor

Americans = ???

I do not mean this in anyway offensively to the Germans, however this Great War follows a real life storyline so far, does that mean a real life ending will come with it? Will their be an 'Americans' who can swoop down and save the Empire? or are the Thalmor destined to win? Lets find out!