Ok so i recently noticed when i had the option to bring any of my followers into the sky haven temple to join the blades that i hit a problem. Everytime i talk to anyone that will become my follower they tell me i already have one ......except i don't. The only people i willingly accepted as my follower was a dog that i shortly told to go home. Other than that i've done quests where NCP's have followed me on, including the "A Daedra's best friend" which i put the daedra dog (forgot his name) back with his master, but i've completed all the quests that involve one at the moment so i dont believe i have one. I've read that help thing and waited for three days straight and that hasn't done shit. i've gone to every temple, cave, ect that i've had one to see if i still have unfinished business with, but i dont so i'm stuck and could use some help, i want to start bringing my followers to be the new blades and ect, but i cant get any of them to follow me because they state that i already have one but i dont so someone help please.