Verinrii Dovah Mirodahiik

aka Veri/Angel/Kitti/I have alot of names...

  • I am Female!
  • Verinrii Dovah Mirodahiik


    • Location: Daggerfall, Glenumbra
    • Author: Malbrii Vul Lovaas
    • Description: The worn journal is filled with thoughts of a Khajiit woman named Malbrii. From the first three and only entries, she seems to be a thief looking for money.


    Daggerfall seems like a good place to steal from... Houses are in the northern area. Lavergne household mostly has nothing of worth, as with the Landreau house.  Landreau house has the cat on the steps. Usually some good loot in the Gane house,  though the men inside called this one a 'filthy dog'. Stole their pie because of it.  Malbrii is a Khajiit, and a beautiful one at that. Save the Stogrin house for last;  there's an exit out the back, good for a quick getaway to the Refuge. So far, I've  madeā€¦

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