• Location: Daggerfall, Glenumbra
  • Author: Malbrii Vul Lovaas
  • Description: The worn journal is filled with thoughts of a Khajiit woman named Malbrii. From the first three and only entries, she seems to be a thief looking for money.



Daggerfall seems like a good place to steal from... Houses are in the northern area. Lavergne household mostly has nothing of worth, as with the Landreau house.  Landreau house has the cat on the steps. Usually some good loot in the Gane house,  though the men inside called this one a 'filthy dog'. Stole their pie because of it.  Malbrii is a Khajiit, and a beautiful one at that. Save the Stogrin house for last;  there's an exit out the back, good for a quick getaway to the Refuge. So far, I've  made plenty of gold off the stolen goods; this one will never go hungry out on the street again. I've  paid my fair share of bounties, but this town is best for thievery. Tried the town  up north, got nothing. Avoid the area in the future. This one's paws are nimble,  and shall continue to be for a long, long time. Rats in the area annoy greatly, though they  can be killed with a swift swipe. Pigs root through mud in their open pens, but the  chickens are skittish, and run away, flapping and squaking, from this one. I am a cat, but I do not  hurt them. Will they stop?


Found nice dress today. Might look good on this one. Going to get it laundered instead of fencing it. Also need to find a better way down to the Refuge; the jump is beginning to take it's toll on this one's bones. Armor is starting to wear through; need to get it repaired. Rented a room in the inn, will be sleeping here tonight. It's getting late, and this one's eyes are starting to feel heavy. Setting down the journal now; will start again in the morning.


Had a nice breakfast this morning before heading out to the houses again. After loading up, this one fenced the goods and laundered the dress from yesterday, as well as some shoes she found in the Gane house. Went through the dyes in the crafting station until something looked good; chose light blues for everything. Bought food from the market in my new clothes with the gold I made, donated to a few beggars along the way. This one is not completely evil, you see? This one does what this one needs to do in order to survive. The guards have stopped passing by the houses I check every day, which is good; it makes things easier for dear Malbrii. This one's heading back to the inn for a drink, to make some new friends. Maybe Malbrii will meet another Khajiit?