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    Hi, this is just a list of lore locations that don't have pages. To look for information on these locations, check the references or go to The Imperial Library website and search them by name. This can be useful for anyone who wants to add to the wiki but doesn't know where to start. I hope this helps, and happy editing. --Vincentius1 (talk)

    PS, for the locations in the Novels, you're gonna have to get the book if you want to get more incite on these locations.

    • Kavas Rim Pass
    • Kanesh
    • Totambu (Yokuda)
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    So I was curious about the lore in the Summerset Isles because I made a page about a Legends card called Battlereeve of Dusk. So what I did was go to the Imperial Library website to search Dusk so eventually I found this story called Alinor and Ayarene. This was a very interesting find because, it talks about an event where the Maormer invade Southern Summerset. This was probably from an early build of ESO where Auridon wasn’t the starting area. This is the link to the story:

    The entire story is about someone named the Numinous which is another name for Soulshriven

    This is a list of newly mentioned locations:

    • Sunhold Isle (Sunhold is probably built on an island)
    • Liriel River
    • Isque…

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    We need more photos

    November 24, 2016 by Vincentius1

    The Wiki needs more photos. If anyone has noticed, I've been adding a bunch of lore pages about some cities. There was gonna be more but the problem is there aren't enough photos to go around. We need a lot more photos for Online locations since there are so many places. I would do it myself but the thing is I play on Xbox One and I don't know how to take screenshots of in-game footage. For cities in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim we need better aerial shots that capture the majority of the cities like in the Windhelm page. But we mainly need to focus on adding photos from online. If anyone get's these photos and let's me know about it I'll try my best to create more lore pages for these cities. Thank You for reading.

    These are the cities …

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  • Vincentius1

    There have been many locations that have reappeared in different games like in Skyrim for example. More will come... Eventually... Edit: I've decided to change the focus to locations that originated from Arena and Daggerfall to what they are now. Now I'm gonna progress through the main series games.

    • The Imperial City - The Imperial City has appeared multiple times as a city. (Arena), (Oblivion), (Imperial City)
    • Anvil - Anvil has appeared as a city in Oblivion and Online. (Oblivion), (Dark Brotherhood)
    • Bravil - Bravil appears as a city in all games. (Oblivion), (Online)
    • Bruma - Bruma appears as a city in all games. (Oblivion), (Online)
    • Cheydinhal - Cheydinhal appears as a city in all games. (Oblivion), (Online)
    • Chorrol - Chorrol appears as a city in a…

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    Hi, my name is Vincent and I really like . The Elder Scrolls Lore is so interesting to me and I want to learn as much as possible and ESO really makes that come true. I get to experience the other provinces of Tamriel and learn of the Culture these different races live through. I'm on board to any sort of DLC that can take me to new places I've yet to experience luckily I've found somebody who has knowledge on what's to possibly come in the future.

    The User Vordur Steel-Hammer of UESP has dug through the files of and has found a Variety of things relating to locations. Link to his profile is on his name.

    • Locations
      • Cyrodiil
        • Gold Coast (Already in Game)
        • Colovian Highlands
        • Nibenay Valley (Partily in Central Cyrodiil in PvP)
        • Blackwood
        • Topal Island (T…
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