Hidden Files in ESO

Hi, my name is Vincent and I really like The Elder Scrolls Online. The Elder Scrolls Lore is so interesting to me and I want to learn as much as possible and ESO really makes that come true. I get to experience the other provinces of Tamriel and learn of the Culture these different races live through. I'm on board to any sort of DLC that can take me to new places I've yet to experience luckily I've found somebody who has knowledge on what's to possibly come in the future.

The User Vordur Steel-Hammer of UESP has dug through the files of The Elder Scrolls Online and has found a Variety of things relating to locations. Link to his profile is on his name.

  • Quests/Dialogue
    • Summerset Isles
      • Possible Storyline involving a Maormer Invasion in the possible Summerset Location.
    • Valenwood
      • A Rescue an Imga Chieftain Quest (I assume it could be a Falinesti DLC which would be awesome.)
  • My Thoughts (Warning It's Pretty Long)
    • In my opinion, I'm more excited to go to places that have yet to appear ever. Like the Dominion Areas. I'm especially excited to see DLC in Anequina. I feel like Orcrest would be the Central Hub for a Anequina DLC considering it's location. The Summerset Location would be pretty cool, Vordur Steel-Hammer found something relating both the Invasion Questline and Queen Ayrenn. I would've like to see Eton Nir in Northern Summerset more then seeing Southern Summerset. The Skyrim Locations, I don't care for other because I feel like I played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim thoroughly enough to know what Skyrim would look like and because of that I wouldn't be surprised with what they do. But I would still like to be able to go to Skyrim in ESO. Thornmarsh seems to me like a Bangkorai/Reaper's March kind of area, Half of it in Morrowind (With Tear) and another Half of it in Black Marsh (With Thorn). With Cyrodiil, I have the same feelings with it along with Skyrim although I would be a little more hyped for a Cyrodiil DLC, specifically the Colovian Highlands since they seem accessible through the Gold Coast but to my knowledge there is no quest that takes use to the Colovian Estates. For the rest, I've a very average opinion on seeing them in-game but it will still be awesome to see these locations. But about the possibly Falinesti Quest, I'm so in. When I first saw that I thought that Valenwood was already fully accessible until later after replaying the Dominion Questline that I realized that Falinesti is inaccessible then I thought It could be DLC in a Similar way to Mournhold in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and the Imperial City in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Well those are my thoughts. What do you think, which location would you like to see, and which location would you like to see after Shadows of the Hist. Thanks for Reading.