So I was curious about the lore in the Summerset Isles because I made a page about a Legends card called Battlereeve of Dusk. So what I did was go to the Imperial Library website to search Dusk so eventually I found this story called Alinor and Ayarene. This was a very interesting find because, it talks about an event where the Maormer invade Southern Summerset. This was probably from an early build of ESO where Auridon wasn’t the starting area. This is the link to the story:

The entire story is about someone named the Numinous which is another name for Soulshriven

This is a list of newly mentioned locations:

  • Sunhold Isle (Sunhold is probably built on an island)
  • Liriel River
  • Isque (I’m assuming this is the region where Sunhold is located)
  • Harmonium Fortress
  • Sunhold Docks (It can be assumed that Sunhold would have docks but some cities like Leyawiin or Winterhold that are located by the water don’t have docks.)
  • Orchestrated Gardens (I assume that these are the Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale are something related.)
  • Hainen’s Sanctum (There is a library located in here according to the text)
  • Imagerie
  • Tessellated Shores
  • The Orrery
  • Verdant Grove Tower
  • Teriskor (There is a kinhouse here)
  • Planet Auri-El
  • Syldarim (There is also a kinhouse here)
  • Felballin (Also has a kinhouse located in Varyllis)
  • Planet Xarxes
  • Spellfire Pillars
  • Maormer Planet Orgnavar
  • Catacombs with pieces of the Shattered Crown in Dusk
  • Maze of Obliquity
  • Umbral Tower
  • Scintilla (Also has a kinhouse)
  • Each Constellation has their own shrine
  • Landbreaker (A Maormer ship that created rift on it’s way to ram into the Crystal Tower)
  • The Stonewake (A rift made from Landbreaker)
  • Pearl Islands (southwestern corner of the region assuming it’s the Isle of Summerset)
  • Sun Column (Found in ruins of the Pearl Islands)
  • Varyllis (From other sources I assume this is another region like Isque.)
  • Varyllis Magico-Library (A library in Varyllis)
  • Mulberry and Turquoise District in Alinor
  • Home Isles (Assuming it’s another name for the Isle of Summerset)
  • Blessed Isle (Also could be a name for the Isle of Summerset)
  • Serries (Undead washed up here)

I encourage everybody to look into the story and make a ton of articles.