Hi guys. When you answer, feel free to make a brief summary of a possible storyline, if you're a really imaginative person. I'll start off. If I were to make a TES game, it would have:

- Either Summerset Isles or Black Marsh as it's setting

- The combat system of Skyrim. The dual wielding was a great idea, plus my favorite spell at the moment is Lightning Storm, it reminds me of the good ol' "KAMEKAMEHA!"

- The same depth of story as Morrowind.

- More spells in each School of Magic. For example: In Destruction, more elements (such as earth or wind) are added, and you can use "Environmental Destruction" spells, which are spells that use the environment as a weapon. So if you cast an Master level earth spell, you could create a fissure, etc. And if you combine a fire spell and an wind spell of Expert level, you could make a fiery tornado.

- Semi-destructible environment. This means that you can change some areas in the landscape, but not cities or villages.

- More weapons included in the vanilla release, such as crossbows and more sword varieties.

- Spellmaking.

- The option of either buying a pre-built house (more expensive, but can move in straight away), or buying a block of land and building your own house (less expensive, but takes a while to build) in certain cities.