Someone has posted the word wall translations here on While this helps us expand the known language quite a bit, it does not give the literal word for word translation which will help us understand the structure of it better and more accurately allow for independent translations of words in the future.

What I mean by this is that its fairly obvious after looking at the literal translations given for the 'common words' in the Skyrim Game Guide that past and present tenses are interchangable in written form ('BOVUL" for example means 'flee' but the translation given in Dragon Language: Myth no More is 'fled'. The present and future tenses seem to be dependent on the context of the rest of the sentence. What is happening and what has happened are, perhaps, the same to the mind of a Dragon and only what may or will happen in the future different enough to have separate words for the concepts?

Similarly, most singluar and plural words seem to share the same spelling/pronuncation in the language of the Dov. Though there are notable exceptions (DROG and DROGGE for 'Lord' and 'Lords' respectively).

And we will still need to put each wall translation on the correct page for where it appears. This is much easier since someone has already put translations out online. Saves me having to go to every wall and translate them myself!