Note: This blog is a fanfiction, about the Last Dragonborn, a Nord woman by the name of Kolfinna transforming into the Dragon Priest Konahriik, and her adventures afterwards. Chapter 1: Bromjuunar Kolfinna unleashed a stream of flames that slew a troll. She walked into the central barrow of the ruins of Labyrinthian, and crouched in front of the stone slab with busts on it. She realized the busts were broken, so she looked around for something, but she didn't know what. Then she saw what appeared to be a wooden Dragon Priest mask. She put it on, and there was a flash. When the light faded out, she was in the same room, but the display of busts was no longer broken. She placed her collected masks on the display, and the dragon's mouth opened up, revealing a golden mask. She took it, and her other masks from the display, placing the others in her bag. She took off the wooden mask and was transported back to the ruins. She put on the golden mask, and passed out. When she woke, she was floating in the air. She looked down, and saw golden armor that reminded her of the armor of Dragon Priests. She felt much more powerful than before. Her companion, her Housecarl from Solitude, Jordis The Sword-Maiden was staring at her, her mouth open. Realizing that she was probably scaring her Housecarl by looking like a Dragon Priest, Kolfinna concentrated, attempting to see if she could dispel her Dragon Priest form. She lowered gently to the ground, and the armor melted back into her. She still wore the mask, but she was no longer in the undead form. "What was that, My Thane? How did you do that?" "I'm not real sure. All I did was put on this golden mask." Chapter 2: Ascension "I think, however that somehow I transformed into a Dragon Priest. That's what it seems like, at least, considering that when I looked at myself when I was floating, I saw what looked like Dragon Priest armor, and I WAS wearing a Dragon Priest mask." Jordis nodded. "I wonder if the College of Winterhold has anything that can help us figure this out. Do you want to have the power to transform into a Dragon Priest?" "Yes, but I do want to learn how to harness it and use it in combat effectively. And who knows, maybe if I show that it's me, and then transform, they won't attack. They know me, after all I am the Archmage, even if now I have the power to transform into a Dragon Priest. But if they do attack me, don't fight back. I'll transform back to human form, and show that it's still just me."