The title says it all.

While adventuring onto a dungeon to retrieve Kind Olaf One-Eye's verse for a quest, I stumbled upon some interesting happenings. While riding up a small mountain slope, I heard a roar. Roars only mean one thing in Skyrim. Dragons.

So, I looked around for a while, and I finally spotted it. Oh goody, I actually get to have some fun! An Elder Dragon! I was in the middle of a small forest, so I tried to go to a clearing in hopes that the beast would land. After a minute or two, the dragon finally landed in a small clearing. I slashed at it a bit, then it started to ascend into the air. I quickly used my dragonrend shout on it. That's when my head slowly turned into mush, and I couldn't comprehend what was going on.

Immediatly after I used the shout, the dragon just plummeted back to the ground. Only this time, everything started to spaz out. Once I got into a position where I could see what was going on, I looked at the dragon. Oh wait, this time there were TWO identicle Elder Dragons right beside of eachother trying to see if I would be a nice meal. Somehow, I had duplicated an NPC. Nonetheless an Elder Dragon! How? I don't know! I guess Sheogorath was still in my mind, because I was going crazy! After I decided to kill both of them, they both did the exact same movements at the same time. Funny enough, a mountain giant showed up and got killed very shortly after.

Anywho, I'm still sort of confused about what happened that fateful evening. I just kinda wanted to share that with you all, so that's pretty much it.

God I gotta lay off the scotch...