So where should my story begin? Ah, I decided to start a Daedric quest seeing how I had nothing better to do. I can't remember the title of the quest, but it had to do with Sheogorath and obtaining the Wabbajack. So, I talked to the NPC to start the quest, and he informed me to go where his "master" was staying. His master was staying in an area in the Blue Palace in Solitude, so I went to the Blue Palace. Here's when it gets interesting.

(The following is a bit of a spoiler for people who haven't done about 4 quest into the Civil War questline)

Once I got into the palace, I headed up the stairs to the room where the Jarl's throne was held. That's when about four or five red dots popped up. I didn't have a bounty, and I don't think any enemies should've been there at any time. I decided to investigate these enemies. I went down the hallway to the left of the throne room, headed down the stairs and entered the basement. That's when it got kinda strange. The red dots were two Whiterun guard, the former Jarl of Whiterun(before Stormcloak invasion) and his commanding officer. That's when my brain sort of exploded. Not only were they in the basement, there were also plenty of Stormcloak Soldier's and random civilians. The total of NPC's in the basement had to have been 15-20. Once I had gotten down there, the Whiterun's decided to attack me and completely ignore the Stormcloaks. This is when I decided to do what every die-hard Skyrim fan would've done.

I decided to go to the foot of the straircase and Fus Ro Dah'd everybody. They ALL fell to the ground. That's when everybody became the enemy! So instead of fighting eachother, they all turned on me. Even though I could've taken them all down with some time, I decided to say "Screw it" and went to the NPC I was supposed to go to, got the key to the room I needed to go to and continued on with my quest. This whole ordeal took atleast ten minutes.

Well, that's my story. If anybody knows if for some ungodly reason that's supposed to happen, please tell me XD.