Many people will quickly claim that an RPG is not their kind of game. Bethesda Softworks is very aware of this and they are going through far reaching motions to guarantee that Skyrim will appeal to a far range of people, even those not interested in RPGs.

How is Bethesda trying to do this you may ask? First, they are creating a world and environment that is extremely complex and not dumbed down in any way. They are trying to create lush environments that are beautiful to even the most casual fan. One can't help but to be impressed by the game's natural beauty and scenery. Two, Bethesda is once again following the model of exploration that makes their games like Fallout: New Vegas so popular. Like in the Fallout games, you are free to explore vast stretches of the world at your own pace and timing. The third important thing is building on the second one - freedom. The game has 280 perks, five major cities, 300 books, 150 unique dungeons and 500 individual activities. Reason number 4 - dragons, enough said. The fifth compelling reason to try out this game is the simplistic nature of it. The absence of classes allows for players to not be forced down a path early on in the game. Finally, the people- all Bethesda games are known for their unique characters, this game is sure to be no different.