Hi all,

so I was cleaning up White Ridge Barrow with my new account (lvl 15 Warrior) and made it all to the end to the Word Wall with the Cyclone shout. I really want this shout (because it's epic, that's why), so I nearly cried when I noticed it was guarded by a Dragon Priest. After a fight from about five seconds, I managed to read the Black Book stored there and I escaped to the safe planes of Apocrypha (sarcasm -__-). Cleared it all to the end, and got a new skill/power! Yaay! :D

But when I returned to the Word Wall chamber, Dukaan was still there, and when I tried to learn the word it wouldn't let me. So I stopped, curled myself up in a ball and cried... 'till I remembered I had you guys, the Heroes of the People!

So if anyone knows a way to defeat Dukaan, with a lvl 15 warrior (she's pretty good with magic too), I would be glad to hear it.

-Olaf [and yes that's my real name, altough it's a Nord name[I almost think I was named after Olaf One-Eye :)]]