24th Last Seed 4E 201

So, it would appear that the Nord dead are less dead than those back in Wayrest. Nor the spiders posess a sense of proportion. Really I should have known better than to trust a Wizard to give out a simple task, I mean I am a Breton, I should've known better. I had heard tell of the giant spiders of Skyrim, met some in my escape from Helgen, but one of them was simply beyond reasonable size. And then there were the Draugr, as I am informed they are known. Once again, I'm a Breton magic is in our blood, I am familiar with necromancy and this bore none of the signs of traditional necromancy. The remains of those Nords who rose, and it was not all, did not disintergrate upon defeat. In hindsight these details indicate that the Dragur where not raised by a necromancer. Not that the tomb was empty of living men, my approach to the tomb was beset by bandits encamped within the front chambers. Eventually I caught up with their leader, ensnared within spider silk. He ran of course, the moment I cut him free, managing to impale himself on a set of swinging spikes, a sobering warning of the dangers involved in exploring Nordic ruins. I retrieved the stone tablet requested by that blasted Farengar, at least he was pleased.

Naturally I was next required to kill a dragon.

It would appear that noone in Skyrim can actually do anything themselves. I mean it was Irileth and I who lead the attempt to slay the dragon, a Dunmer and a Breton! Not that I would wish to find myself on the wrong side of the Whiterun Guard. We slew the creature and I felt... something. Something telling me things, it came when I landed the killing blow. It was akin to the feeling of soul-trapping a creature, a similar brief rush of etherial light accompanied the feeling. I thought it odd, I had not intentionally sought to soul trap the dragon, in any event I didn't have any soulgem that coud have held a dragon soul. I left Irileth to inform the Jarl of our success, I had other buisness to attend to in Skyrim.

Now I'm travelling towards Solitude, Skyrim's capital. It took years of investigation to establish exactly which crew of pirates had ransacked my family's estate in Wayrest and slain my father. The crew of The Dainty Sload. Then one day in a dogy inn I heard tell that the Sload often stopped off at Solitude, something about the captain's mistress living there. I had a score to settle with those cosairs, and a sword to retrieve. The scimitar my grandfather took from a cosair-lord was is a family heirloom. Inlaid with powerful enchantments Knightsbane is the reason I came to Skyrim, to retake it from its piratical roots and reclaim it as a weapon in defence of Wayrest, and Tamriel's defenceless.

Soon, soon.

Just as soon as I get out of this rain blasted wateland Skyrim calls a 'road'...