Early Life

Octavian Quintus was born in 4E 163 in the city of Anvil in western Cyrodiil, Octavian was well known in the town for being a descendant of the famous Hero of Kvatch, Agrippa Quintus, who had chosen to settle in the town after retiring from public life.

Since he was young, Octavian was constantly asked if he was the great-great-grandson of the Hero of Kvatch. Since his youth his blond hair was noticed, blond hair was not a common trait in Imperials, his hair came from his Nordic grandmother.

Return to his Roots

Ever since he was a teenager he was highly interested in his Nordic heritage, he researched Skyrim, which he considered his "Fatherland". He was determined to travel Skyrim one day. Working as a shop assistant he saved his money in the hopes of one day travelling the length and breadth of Skyrim, to see the land his Nordic forefathers hailed from. His research meant he was aware of the dangers Skyrim possessed to the unwary traveller, so he bought a sword in order to protect himself during his travels.

By 4E 201 he was ready to visit Skyrim, he informed his boss and family of his extended holiday, and left Anvil heading north.

Octavian visited Falkreath, Solitude, Whiterun, Riverwood and other such places. He thoroughly enjoyed his travels of Skyrim, he was struck by Skyrim's beauty.


After waking up bright and early in Riverwood on 17th of Last Seed to continue his travels Octavian headed south and passed through Helgen on his way to Windhelm, passing through a small mining settlement called Darkwater Crossing Octavian was captured by the Empire, along with Ulfric Stormcloak, Ralof, Lokir, Gunjar and several other Stormcloak soldiers. Octavian and the others were taken to be executed in a village Octavian had passed through only a few hours before, Helgen.