An epic clusterf*ck just happened! After travelling home to Lakeview Manor I encountered a Blood Dragon, but that wasn't to be the only enemies encountered! During the battle with the dragon I realized some bandits had appeared, I was going to focus on them after the dragon was dispatched, but I also noticed some Vampires as well.

Finishing the dragon off, I turned my attention to the Bandit Chief, who for some reason as being attacked by a normal Bandit (possibly reanimated by one of the Vampires), I dealt with both of them, turning my attention to the vampires I noticed a dead Mudcrab off to one side, which was being resurrected by a Vampire, the Vampires had fallen back and Rayya had given chase, I quickly ran after them, since Rayya was outnumbered 2-1, after finished off the vampires I returned the manor, fortunately Rayya survived her encounter. I don't recall seeing Lydia through-out the entire battle, she must've stayed inside the manor the whole time!

Just another random occurance that makes Skyrim brilliant! I know have two dragon corposes stuck outside my front door, a dragon I killed earlier which hasn't disappeared, and the one I just killed!