In Milkman's Hearthfire review blog, I began to come up with ideas for future hearthfire-like downloadable content for skyrim or maybe future games, and was wondering what Ideas other people had. To start the conversation, here is an example to start the creative thinking process.

-Akaviri Hideaway-After reaching a certain part of the main questline (the one that many do not like to do for the Blades, and also strains relations with another faction) A bladesmember will give you a key and the location of a secret blades stronghold, and will tell you they have contact with the people who can restore it (or, if you feel handy, you can also do this yourself) to it's former glory. Any of the blades you recruit will be sent here, and this DLC will also extend the number of recruits to 5. The Hideaway can be built to fit any number of play styles. for example, warrior characters may want to build warrior based structures in the buildings, like a training room, while a thief may upgrade the hideaway to have a room of resetable locked chests.