Name: Elpin Ice-Eyes

Race: Nord

Primary Skills: One-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, and Smithing

Secondary Skills: Archery, Enchanting, and Lockpicking

Side in Civil War: Empire

Divines Worshipped: All 9 including Talos, openly.

Wife: Undecided, will probably end up being Ysolda or Aela if I do get married.

Kids: Depends on marriage situation.

Birthplace: Dawnstar

Birthdate: 17th of Heartfire 4E 192


Keep the backstory reasonable, i.e. no Sheogorath creating him and making him the cheese god or no him being an escaped serial killer. Keep the story within Skyrim (that's where I want his life up until the game to have taken place) but somehow tie in what Ralof said at the beginning about crossing the border. 

I'll add a picture of the character when I get a chance. Also I have no idea how to move this page into the forum so if someone could do that for me that would be great.