Title says it all people if you dont understand what i,m saying then hears an example Ex: What are you looking foward to in the next expansion since Dragonborn has been released for a few weeks ( I know there hasnt been another expansion yet since Dragonborn, and that Dragonborn hasnt be released for Pc but give an idea ofwht u might want in the next add on of the game) like a Civil war one where you get to decide the Empire fate Get rid of the Thalmor or rule the people of tamriel and enslave them by spreading the Thalmor influence across skyrim? or an expansion where you decide who gets to be High King of Skyrim Elisif the Fair or Ulfric Stormcloak.

If you still dont have a clue of what i,m talking about then msg me or write a question in the comments.

P.S (I a noob when it comes to the Elder Scrolls blogs since this is my first time and all xD)