If you guys get confused about what the titles means heres an an Example

EX: The Wolf Queen, Potema Septim an imperial and from the Septim bloodline, she had many tales and storys in here life like hungry for power, a necromancer married Mantiarco King of Solitude, had a son Uriel Septim III, Bribed the Duke of Glempoint to capture her neice Kintrya II and killed her years later etc....


EX: Barenziah Daughter of the King and Queen of Mournhold Morrowind, had a relationship with Tiber Septim, Married Tiber Septim Dunmer General Symmachus, had 2 cchildren Helseth and Morgiah after Symmachus died she married the king of Wayrest King Eadwyre, she had a child named Dralsi who was mother of Kariliah, Dralsi as a nightingale just like her father who seduced Barenziah magically (Not Jagar Tharn).

But both of these chracters that i gave a brief description about thry were different races Potema was an Imperial and Barenziah was Dunmer

So whats your favorite Race in the Elder Scrolls Lore and why?