• I live in Texas.
  • My occupation is Writer.
  • I am Male.
  • Wolfenmaus

    This is for a comic my friend and I are making. It is to be set in Cyrodiil immediately before the Oblivion Crisis.

    This world we call Nirn is, and always has been, governed by one great force. It follows us in our birth, our life, and our death. Although we cannot see it, we can certainly feel it. I'm speaking of birthsigns. You know the ones I speak of. The Apprentice. Atronach. Lady. Lord. Lover. Mage. Ritual. Serpent. Shadow. Steed. Thief. Tower. Warrior. From these constellations we are able to see our power, and by extension, our destinies.  

          But this is not always the case. Some brave few have made their own destinies. Warriors that have felled great kings. Mages that have cured potent diseases. Rogues that have stolen that cons…

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