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    Dear all Elder scrolls players, there is now a wiki were you may add all your favorite (and less then favorite) Elder Scrolls Mods!!!!

    But we need you. yes you! there are way too many mods out there then the current team can possibly ever even think of, and because of this we need all elder scrolls pc players, mod authors, or even people that just enjoy watching play throughs on youtube to come and help this wiki, i knw with your help we can make this wiki a database for all mods out there.

    Here is the link for the sight:

    Here is a screen shot of the new layout:

    Big thanks to TombRaiser or the Back ground and the logo.

    Now if you guys can help at all, then you will already make this wiki…

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    Hey guys, thought I would share a discovery I have made during my reading of the in game books, but first a little back story.

    For those who dont know, in every single main Elder Scrolls game there is a specific hero which has to save the world in some fasion.

    • In it was the Eternal Champion.
    • In it was the Hero of Daggerfall
    • In it was the Nerevarine.
    • In it was the Hero of Kvatch.
    • And in it is the Dragonborn.

    So in my research I was conducting to find something blog worthy, I found this book, The Hope Of The Redoran. In this book there is a reference to a cirtain Dro'Jizad of Elsweyr and what it says is:

    One of the few magical arts the Psijics of Arteum have kept to themselves, away from the common spells and schools of the Mages Guild, is the …

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    The civil war has created a huge debate among the entire Elder Scrolls community that I thought I would create a new debate about the vampire war (we need to come up with a better name for that).

    Anyway, back to the debate. The Dawnguard in my opinion are the more logical choice in this war for a number of different reasons. The first reason is if the vampires succeed, they will be able to walk abound with mortals without fearing the sun. This will undoubtedly cause the greatest disaster Nirn has ever seen, as the vampires will be unafraid to attack the rest of the population to feed. Imagine an army of Vampire lords attacking, no one will be able to stop them.

    Second, if the vampires do this, they will either kill or turn the rest of the po…

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    Hi guys, just here to tell you guys of a brand new wiki, this is a wiki designed for just The Elder Scrolls Mods, it should have the same quality of articles as this wiki, and should also help people raise awareness of there own mods. If you would like to help out click down bellow. Add as many articles as you can, you can also add characters from the mods, and have quest walk throughs.

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    Ok before you vote please read this, I do not want anyone using this as conclusive proof that one side is the best, I will try to make this vote as fair as possible, but it will not be seen by every elder scrolls player so cannot be used as proof that one side is better to then the other.

    Anyway since the formalities are over let's get on with this, as you have probably guessed this is just a vote for who you personally think is the best side, legion or stormcloaks, I'm not gonna put any arguments on this blog as you can most defiantly find on this wiki anyway.

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