Hey guys, thought I would share a discovery I have made during my reading of the in game books, but first a little back story.

For those who dont know, in every single main Elder Scrolls game there is a specific hero which has to save the world in some fasion.

So in my research I was conducting to find something blog worthy, I found this book, The Hope Of The Redoran. In this book there is a reference to a cirtain Dro'Jizad of Elsweyr and what it says is:

One of the few magical arts the Psijics of Arteum have kept to themselves, away from the common spells and schools of the Mages Guild, is the gift of divination. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, omens and prophesies abound in Tamriel, some of substance, others of pure folly, and still others so ambiguous as to be unverifiable. There are still other prophesies kept secret, from the prophesies of Dro'Jizad in Elsweyr and the Nerevarine in Morrowind, to the Elder Scrolls themselves.

This might mean that the Hero of an Elder Scolls game in Elsweyr may be called the Dro'jizad.

Now in the Khajiiti Language Dro' as a prefix means grandmother/grandfather. So this could be a reference to forefather/mother to the khajiit, or a reincarnation of that person.

Also, Ji means bachelor...not quite sure how that might fit yet, but will do some more research.

Thoughts anyone?