Hi guys me again, this blog is about how the average person in skyrim (or in tamriel for that matter) would feel about joining a side in the Skyrim civil war.

Ok before I get attacked by people saying this is racist, this is not a racist blog, I'm just wondering what people think would be a legitimate choice for an average person of that race would be.

This is what I have so far:

Imperials would be for the empire (obviously) Bretons would be for the empire as high rock is still a province Orcs would be for the empire as orsinium is in high rock Loyalist nords for the empire

Redguard would be for the stormcloaks as they don't like the empire Traditionalist Nords for the stormcloaks

But I'm not sure about the rest of the other 5 races of bosmer, altmer, dunmer, khajit and argonians

Where would the dominion races of bosmer,altmer and khajit be? Where would the argonians be, since they have there own country be? Where would the dunmer choice lie after the destruction of there homeland?

Love to hear from you guys thanks for all the replies