ok, this has been bugging me for quite some time now, as an argonian i found it hard to chose a side in the civil war because of lore purposes, as the argonians have broken away from the empire, there wouldnt be much point in haveing an argonian legionare, then again, why would an argonian join the stormcloaks because first of all it wouldnt matte rally to the agonians if the empire were ousted from skyrim and second of all the stormcloaks seem to be more have more dislike for other races apart from nords (here come the angry comments).

i have also been wondering this about the thalmore races (bosmer, altmer, kajit) and also about the independent races of the redguards and dunmer, where really would there allegences lie.

i understand that the impeirials and bretons and half the nords would join the legion ad the othe half of the nords to follow the stormcloaks but these are the only ones that i sure about.

would love your guys thoughts about this because i think it is something to discuse.

for my first blog, im glad that i got this many replies, thanks guys :)