I have been playing Skyrim for a while now, but with every game, there is only so much you can do before you get a little bored and look for something else, as a console player i do find it annoying that i dont have the ability to download these amazing mods for my console. Now, there may be a reason why bethsheba doesnt release all the armour mods or all the non-cannon stuff, but why cant they release the really well created lore friendly stuff out there?

For example, i have seen the trailers for a mod called moon paths to elswer(right spelling?) and it looks like it would be a great add on for the consoles because it looks like such a well made mod and lets you experiance something completely different from skyrim. as a concole gammer, i do feel like there should be more effort made by bethsheba to actually make some of this amazing content available for the consoles or else it just seems that they are being lazy (by the way that they are being rediculously late with dawnguard for PS3) and not giving ennough content for us console gamers to be more enthralled with the great game that skyrim is.