• WondahFish


    November 21, 2011 by WondahFish

    I wrote my first edit on the Halo wikia today! Nothing exciting except this being my first eidt on the wikia. Halo is my other favorite series.

    I am also currently playing Halo: CEA, the anniversary edition of Halo: CE (Combat Evolved), or Halo 1 for teh n00blitz. The game is nostalgic, it takes me back to simpler times when the internet was an unexplored wilderness of potential. Xboxes had to be physically connected with wires we called "LAN cables". The world was a slightly simpler place where we loved gathering together at my friend's house to play this exciting and stunningly beautiful game.

    I love the nostalgia and the spirit of the game, that has been so well preserved, but I can't help switching to the original Halo: CE once in a whil…

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