1.Falmer used to be snow elves untill the nords came to skyrim and chased them underground. Then they met the dwarves which were friendly to them untill they enslaved them and fed them fungi that made them blind.

2. the great war started when some thalmor justicars came to the imperials with a sack full of heads of blade soldiers. so the empire went to war with the admeri dominion. durring the war the thalmor tracked down every blade and killed them. the only remaining blades are esbern, delphine and you can recruit 3 followers into the blades.

3. you can get the ebony mail armor by doing the deadric quest boethiahs calling.

4.The Aldmeri Aominion was founded in the 1st era and is made up of Khajiit, Woodevles and High Elves

5. the spectracal assissin is Lucien Lachance, the leader of the dark brotherhood in obilivion

6.cast detect dead around the solitude court mage. it turns out shes a vampire

7. the chickens in riverwood can wittness crimes

8.the manequinns in honeyside in riften are alive but cannot be attacked and do not say anything but can walk around. breezehome in whiterun there is an alchmey lab and there is a chair if you jump on it or walk around it you may die for no apparent reason.

10. there is a bandit cave not to far from whiterun which holds a blind bandit which is not hostile and holds a book with only blank pages.

11. somtimes you might see somone at a choping block and the guy will have firewood stuck all over his body.

12. somtimes the headless horseman will be flying around skyrim high in the sky.

13. at the top of throat of the world is a picaxe called notched picaxe. notch was the name of one of the creators of minecraft.

14. there is a dragur called creeper who carries a picaxe, creeper is from minecraft.

15. near whiterun is a small pond, in the middle of the pond is a skelaton hand wrapped around a sword. there is also a sword sticking out of a rock near a forsworn hideout.these are referces to the king arthur myth.

16. sometimes in the start of the game the leigion archers will shoot the horse and the horse might kill one ortwo of them.

17. in hearthfire somtimes sawn logs will show up in your misc inventory as elven boots

18. somtimes when you buy hearthfire 1 of the holds stewards may be gone.

19. in the stumbling saberecat there is a saberecat head with a crown on its head and a bottle of alto wine in its mouth
Cropped Sabre Cat