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    The Elder Scrolls: Ashlands part 2


    5th of Mid-Year 4E 261

    It had been two years since Trupil had last encountered Restalax and the suspense grew on his mind; what if he didn’t get justice? What if Restalax won? There were so many questions demanding answers and Trupil knew that he didn’t have them, his father would have known everything; he was an infamous assassin for a time after all.

    Trupil was still running errands for Lleril Morvayn to track Restalax down but so far he hadn’t even heard a rumour. Trupil had the time to train and hone his skills for the previous two years and he could be grateful for that at least. Trupil had thwarted any hopes of Restalax’s plans going discreetly the last time they met two years prior and…

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    The Elder Scrolls: Ashlands (part 1)


    It was 4E 259 and Morrowind had been in turmoil from the Aldmeri Dominion. The Red mountain remained dormant, ash covered the land, and the Dunmer were at odds with countless threats, the Nords to the west and the Argonians to the south. Tamriel was in peril and nobody knew what would happen if the Aldmeri Dominion would happen to gain a heavy influence over the citizens of every province.

    House Redoran had control over Morrowind. The crater which was where Vivec City once stood still contained boiling water but had attracted visitors from all over Tamriel to see it. Raven Rock on Solstheim was a successful mining town since one of the miners had uncovered more ebony deposits f…

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