aka Josh, Skull, Wyvern, Nemesis

  • I live in Some heavy metal fantasy world
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is Hardcore Gamer
  • I am Male Orsimer
  • XSkullboy

    Did you hear what happened to me?

    I fell in the Abyss.

    Did you know that I'm still living?

    Inside this dark hole.

    Did you see the slaughter that unraveled before them?

    Cities burning and women crying.

    Did you think there would be any hope?

    No, for Alduin has come.

    You heard what they said?

    The Elder Scrolls predicted their return.

    Will you fight them with me?

    Or will you cower like the rest?

    I am not a human.

    Nor am a fiend.

    What am I?


    I remember that day I woke up in prison.

    I remember smelling the stink of the deceased.

    I remember that my brothers and I fought for your king.

    I remember that we stood inside the tide of darkness.

    I remember the screams of death that took hold of me.

    But you know what I remember most?

    I remember dying.

    Physically dying.


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  • XSkullboy

    So How Was It?

    November 7, 2011 by XSkullboy

    (Note: This blog will only be applied the day Skyrim comes out....)


    Skullboy here and I just wanted to do something a little different...

    In 3 days and 15 hours, we will write the next Elder Scroll.

    And we all will write differently, I just want to ask...

    The first chance you get, would you tell me the first reaction you got from playing this deity of a game?

    I just kinda want to know what your experience was like and how different it was from my own....

    I know we all play different.

    So what did you do that was so different?

    Did you dual wield spells?

    Did you set out to find dragon shouts and kill dragons accordingly?

    Whatever you did, I would like to know your response.

    So come game day, first chance you get, come back to this blog...

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  • XSkullboy

    The Dark Brotherhood

    November 4, 2011 by XSkullboy

    Skyrim is exciting when it comes to new quests, fighting dragons, and 16 miles of exploration, but in the end we all know that the greatest thing about Skyrim comes in three words:

    The Dark Brotherhood.

    Since all we really know about the Dark Brotherhood is:

    1. They will return in Skyrim
    2. It's much more difficult to contact them....(Killing a random person or two is not enough to contact the Dark Brotherhood)
    3. When they do contact you, you receive a letter imprinted with the Black Hand saying, "We Know".

    The mystery behind the Dark Brotherhood is what is really keeping me on the edge of my seat.

    And anyone who loves to kill for wealth or pleasure (or both!) will agree with me.

    We won't know anything else until the game is released.

    So until then, let's …

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  • XSkullboy

    So The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes in one week and I'm sure everyone ready for the game is psyched.

    After all, out of everything Bethesda and Todd Howard showed in the demo, the suspense is really high.

    So strap on your greaves, sharpen your sword, learn your magic...

    Because the Dovahkiin is coming...

    And so are the dragons...

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