Skyrim is exciting when it comes to new quests, fighting dragons, and 16 miles of exploration, but in the end we all know that the greatest thing about Skyrim comes in three words:

The Dark Brotherhood.

Since all we really know about the Dark Brotherhood is:

  1. They will return in Skyrim
  2. It's much more difficult to contact them....(Killing a random person or two is not enough to contact the Dark Brotherhood)
  3. When they do contact you, you receive a letter imprinted with the Black Hand saying, "We Know".

The mystery behind the Dark Brotherhood is what is really keeping me on the edge of my seat.

And anyone who loves to kill for wealth or pleasure (or both!) will agree with me.

We won't know anything else until the game is released.

So until then, let's keep hailing Sithis and the Night Mother.


...remember what the color of night is....