For the upcoming Skyrim DLC I have a few ideas for new weapons

  1. Spears for more ranged attacks than a sword
  2. Fire/Frost/Lightning arrows that set your target on fire/freezes them/paralyses them
  3. EPIC spells that drain your magica critically but have defastating effects
  4. Whips that can disarm your foes and weaken them
  5. Throwing knives/axes that are retrievable

NEW - 23/04/12

  1. Catapults with either rocks or flaming projectiles
  2. Teleport spell (skill tree to upgrade range or knock back enemies where you land)
  3. Poison that be combined with any food to kill instantly (offense if caught)
  4. (Spell eg.) Fire + Weapon = Flaming Weapon
  5. Poison Darts - why not? don't swallow it though  :-0===

Any other ideas?