NEW! Skyrim DLC - Dragonborn Unleashed (idea)

Warning: This idea has the potential to blow your mind (literally); do not read if you you have a history of seizures when you read EPIC ideas or you know you can not handle this amazing idea just by reading the title, for this idea WILL kill you. Thank you

On topic, I, Xenronnin, have one of the greatest ideas for a possible DLC for Skyrim. Please remember that this is an idea, and if it has it flaws (for one it may not be possible because it is to awesome). Please don't shoot it down, though I doubt any of you will shoot it down because it is so EPIC!

My Idea!

You guys are probably like, "I wish this guy would shut up and tell us already!" Well here you go:

My idea for a possible D:C of Skyrim is "Dragonborn Unleashed". In this DLC, you will have the ability to fully hone the potential of the Dragonborn, and transcend from human, to DRAGON. In this DLC, you will have to complete various and difficult quest to prove your worth to the almighty dragons, and it will be very tough, but the outcome and reward will be so great; the ability to transform into a dragon. Of coarse like any in-game transformation, this ability will have its limitations, but we all know that the ability to transform into a dragon (being that we are the Dragonborn) would be freaking awesome. It may slow the progress of the next Game of the Year caliber project Bathesda is currently, but who cares!? In this DLC, if it is made, we will get to transform into a freaking DRAGON!

That's my idea. I hope that the community will like it, and maybe, we can get Bethasda to put this into motion. Please post your thoughts, may they be positive or negative. I want to here the community's opinion on my idea.

Thank you!

Xenronnin 19:46, August 1, 2012 (UTC)