• XxGodZerxesxX

    Hello, this is XxGodZerxesxX here to provide you guys with a Skyrim build that has been working for me from about level 5. Its the first build I've made originally, and off the top of my head. Its called the Mythical Warrior, which is a very generic and stock name but I find the class genericly all-around and even. So, the character is a Breton due to the 25% magic resistance which is nice for Legendary. So the build as I said is all-around, it can be used as a Bulky Mage, Powerful Warrior, and even a Sneaky Assassin! 

    Heavy Armor: So does this.

    The Mythical Warrior uses the power of the Atronach Stone which provides even more magic resistance, magicka regeneration, and extra magicka. 

    You can use any heavy armor, however I used Dragonplate t…

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