Hello, this is XxGodZerxesxX here to provide you guys with a Skyrim build that has been working for me from about level 5. Its the first build I've made originally, and off the top of my head. Its called the Mythical Warrior, which is a very generic and stock name but I find the class genericly all-around and even. So, the character is a Breton due to the 25% magic resistance which is nice for Legendary. So the build as I said is all-around, it can be used as a Bulky Mage, Powerful Warrior, and even a Sneaky Assassin! 



Illusion: The Mythical Warrior uses special illusion spells such as Muffle(if you do not have the enchantment for boots). Spells such as Calm, Frenzy, and Courage which are used to bend the will of your enemies, or even wreck havoc within the cities of Skyrim. Other Illusion spells include, Invisibility which is an alternative fleeing spell, which falls under being an assassin. 

Alteration: The Mythical Warrior uses alteration for the soul purpose of commanding the world around them, in conjunction to their enemies. The Alteration spells used by the warrior are Oakflesh - Dragonhide, Paralyzing spells, and Telekenesis. 

Destruction: The warrior uses destruction spells such as any lightning, frost, or fire spells. Frost against warriors to drain stamina, Lightning against mages to drain magicka, and fire to deal extra damage after the initial attack. 

One-Handed: This speaks for itself.

Heavy Armor: So does this.

Sneak: To double as an assassin.

Conjuration: Used to summon minions, reanimate the dead, and more importantly, bound weapons.


Block: Blocking is for full on warrior combat.

Smithing: For crafting armor and weapons.

Enchantment: For enchanting weapons and armor.

Archery: To attack from a distance without drawing up too much magicka before battle.

Atronach Stone

The Mythical Warrior uses the power of the Atronach Stone which provides even more magic resistance, magicka regeneration, and extra magicka. 



You can use any heavy armor, however I used Dragonplate to fill complete for having 100 Smithing. The boots are enchanted with the muffle enchantment to ensure the capability of doubling as an assassin. The armor itself is enchanted with fortify magicka regeneration, the gauntlets with fortify carry weight for serious dungeon crawlers. Last but not least the helmet is enchanted with fortify Illusion. Ring, and Amulet are up to user.


Bound Sword, Bound Bow.