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    How to make money

    September 28, 2010 by Xx crowhaven xx

    Don't glitch Oblivon because that's not the purpose of the game. I got my house in Leyawin by selling all the books in my faction bookshelves, clothing food, etc from my guild halls and armor from dead bandits. Just travel along the West Weald near Skingrad heading to Anvil. If you want to live in Skingrad then you need to do plenty of quests and earn money this way because it costs 25,000 coins plus your fame to live in Rosethorn Hall, the only home available. I don't suggest the house or shack in the Imperial City. Either Leyawin, Bruma, Skingrad (if you make it), or Chorrol. But not Imperial City or Cheydinhal. Anvil has no houses to offer. This money making trick takes time and hours. Dont pursuade people or spend money on things only …

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