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    Okay, so I made this blog as a place for all you to moan on how much you don't like Bethesda at the moment!

    Also, because well looking down on the comments on Dar'Rajhin's blog; which is really aimed for the people who own the game on PC, as they are the only ones who will be able to use mods. To end up being another blog, filled with certain PS3 users, complaining about Bethesda, and no, I am not hating on the whole PS3 community on this wikia, it's just a few people are just seem to be the main lot.

    Now, here's what I really have a problem with! You just blame Bethesda, so do you find both, Bethesda Softworks (the ones who publish the game) and Bethesda Game Studios (the ones who made the game), or is it just Bethesda Game Studios, well it…

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