Okay, so I made this blog as a place for all you to moan on how much you don't like Bethesda at the moment!

Also, because well looking down on the comments on Dar'Rajhin's blog; which is really aimed for the people who own the game on PC, as they are the only ones who will be able to use mods. To end up being another blog, filled with certain PS3 users, complaining about Bethesda, and no, I am not hating on the whole PS3 community on this wikia, it's just a few people are just seem to be the main lot.

Now, here's what I really have a problem with! You just blame Bethesda, so do you find both, Bethesda Softworks (the ones who publish the game) and Bethesda Game Studios (the ones who made the game), or is it just Bethesda Game Studios, well it that case, makes more sense, since how would the publishers effect the framerate, but wait, if your blaming the whole of Bethesda Game Studios, then tell me! How is it the fault of the people who did all the sound recording fault, or the ones who spent hours coming up with designs and doing concept for the game.

Really, because I'm an so confused on that matter, since I don't know how the people who build the world of Skyrim, the ones who spent, how long creating this game, what is that like around 4 years or so. Get to fall on the sword, because you claim that Bethesda Game Studios is just lazy, not caring about who did work hard, just because of a few people in a team of roughly 100 people, not all of them were responsible for being lazy and forgetting to edit the coding so Skyrim can work probably on Playstation 3, which in the end doesn't make Bethesda lazy as not the whole company works on coding! I'm sorry but it's true, and you wonder why people may look at your comments and think your ungrateful or spoiled, because your acting like child, really going around thinking that they can fix it with a click on their figures or that they don't care about people who own a PS3, really, that's just plain stupid, and probably make other people in the PS3 community feel embrassed, I know I would be.

Oh, and yes, I know your going to try and deny it and I don't care, just keep the moaning to PS3 related blogs!