If I would add one thing to the next Elder Scrolls game I would probably add the abilty to pick your height.

Horseback combat would be pretty cool but I think that's happining in DawnGuard.

Maybe the abilty to run shops and actually be a normal person.

Climbing would be cool instead of doing the jump glitch.

Maybe a more innovative combat system, where you aren't just pressing a button and hoping to stay alive.

The choice to make your character as fat/gluttenous as you want.

Maybe decorate armor; Like add warpaint or something.

Maybe being able to cut down trees or actually have an animation for taking crops, not just the item disapearing.

Cooler spells, like having the abilty to freeze someone temporarily or do a superjump or something.

Maybe the abilty to drive carriages or other stuff.

Two words; Riding Dragons

Since I predict the next game will be Elsweyr, Khajiit would be 15 percent weaker to fire.

More rewarding endings to stuff, not just you killed Alduin, good job, now go back home.

Possibilly the return of Alduin, but not the same plot.

Have more children then just like 10 in the game.

Killable Children.

Have thousands of things to look at during loading screens, never the same thing twice.

A actual enviroment, not just the occasional storm. Possibilly sandstorms and stuff.

New creatures!

Maybe the invention of gunpowder.

Actually climbing Ladders

Better 3rd and 1st person system.

Not be a dragonborn but have a other special abilty.

Spells that let you morph into stuff temporarilly, bears,spiders,horkers.

That's all I could possibilly think of. What do you think they should add to the next TES game?

Although, right about now I'm excited for this...